Blood Moon Energy

Since I was a little girl living in the dense tundra of Alaska, the moon has comforted me. She reminds me that I am connected to all of the lunar planes of this dimension.

Tonight is a powerful blood moon eclipse. The next blood moon will not arrive until March 14, 2025, also my birthday and Pi day.

Plan to draw down tonight. This energy of the moon is luscious and rich with goodness.

What will you be doing tonight? This is my plan.

First I will soak in a salt bath and completely clean my physical body. I will light candles. The energy in my living space will be gentle. This is a time for me to cleanse and renew.

I will enjoy music and make art. I find that manifestation is best done when I write down exactly what I need from the Universe. I believe in her; that she will bring to me all of my positive desires.

Root yourself inside of your own love.

I believe that I am a powerful entity on this earth. Therefore, I call upon the planets, the moon, stars and all energies of this galaxy to wrap me in healing. I call upon them to lead me to every soul who needs me. I protect my energy as I give. I request much success in all that I do.

Believe in your wishes. Visualize them. They have already happened. You merely must move your timeline to meet them. Let this moon assist you, Beloveds.

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