Then, There’s Love

“Physics isn’t the most important thing. Love is.” –Richard Feynman, physicist

Feynman won the Nobel Prize for Physics. He is considered among the greatest and most influential scientists of the modern world. Yet, he was able to see the supreme value of love, even over that of his highly praised area of monumental achievement — his life’s work.

Why did a physicist find love the most important? For the resonation that love emits and what can be done with those vibrations. There is no higher resonation from the human body than love.

Many people go through life believing love is something gathered and gained. Love is a state of being. It’s a way the human sees themself and the world around them. To become love, one must master the art of self love.

Check out this five-minute-read article: The science of self-love: the evidence-based benefits of loving yourself by Dr. Andleeb Asgar.

Starting September 1, make a goal to do one self love action every day. Write it on a calendar and keep a journal. Short and sweet, if you must, loves. Every step counts. 10-minutes a day. If you want to be guided for five weeks with a short task, check out this 13 dollar journal, Becoming Gratitude.

Here are 26 Exercises, Techniques and Worksheets that will assist you with increasing your self-love. Consider it a gift you are giving to yourself.

Come back and tell me how you feel after your daily practice. You deserve to BE love.

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