Are You Ready To Transform?

Fly Free – Oracle Card

When I find myself pulling the same card repeatedly, I feel the message is being driven home to me. This is about our transformation. This card continues to come up. When I pulled it for this post, I felt a strong sense of collective movement.

No more crawling on your bellies, loves. No more stifling days sleeping in the cocoon, exhausted and fatigued.

Butterflies do not burst from their cocoons with sudden movement. It is a slow process as the head, wings and body emerge over a period of time, until it finds itself breathing and stretching on the vine.

Then it flies. It flits around in wonder, smelling flowers and breathing air.

So, it is your time to release yourself and be born. Let your eyes spot the brilliant colors of the flowers upon which you will feed. You are breaking free and discovering the wonder around you with newly born eyes.

Welcome to the world, beautiful.

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