Travel Your Ancient DNA

There are 215 petabytes (215 million gigabytes) in a single gram of DNA, and the system could, in principle, store every bit of datum ever recorded by humans in a container about the size and weight of a couple of pickup trucks.

As I have browsed around today, a trending topic is the guidance for each human to go into meditation and listen to their DNA. It is full of information.

When we consider the scientific data of how much information our body stores, imagine the volumes of data that we can also extract from ourselves.

It came to no surprise that upon pulling a 7th Veil Mind Mapping card, that Hylonome would come to speak to us.

In the poem, Ovid, author, LucretiusDe Rerum Natura, in the Cyllarus-Hylonome interlude, explores hybridity itself illustrating the relationships and “possible combinations of a number of conceptual opposites: natura and cultus, human and animal, male and female, love and war, and the contrasting values of lyric-elegiac and epic poetry“.

This card often emerges as a reminder to go within, to sit quiet with out DNA, and write down what comes to us as we fall into the meditative states.

Your DNA holds every answer that you seek.

“Go into the silence. In the silence much is heard.”

Vennie Kocsis

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