Remember To Play

The “Tree Children” card is your reminder to take time out to play. Go into nature and skip through the trees. Escape the chaos of human chatter and go into the quiet. Your inner child is calling.

Silence technology. Take an afternoon or morning to yourself. Go to a park, a trail, the waterfront, a river, stream or lake. Whichever is close and calls to you.

Pay attention to the stones and pebbles around you. You may find some that call to you. Bring nature into your home. Stones absorb energy, and provide solid strength and protection. Place them on your shelves. Listen to their voice, and they will speak to you.

Take a journal. Sit and write whatever thoughts come to you no matter what their emotion is. This is simply letting them out and putting them on paper.

Make art. Make music. Take time to play. Let your mind release all worries and concerns. Focus on being in the present moment and sitting with it. All you have is now.

Seize time to play!

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