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We come into this space with minds that are curious and hearts that are open.

Over the course of the past twenty years, I have been on a profound journey into myself. I have gained knowledge and insight into the seventh layer of self delusion, and as a result, I have been able to penetrate it.

There are seven layers to our skin, which each contain the absorption of energy from our various life experiences. As I did somatic work on my physical body, I learned to work with the DNA that was contained within each layer. As a result, I was able to reach deeper parts of my body and its bioluminescent system with each passing session.

During the course of this adventure, I produced a large number of collage and digital art pieces. As I progressed in this work, I was eventually able to use the pieces to create a map of the energy that was emanating from the people around me.

With my art pieces, I designed a set of mapping cards and started using them in both my own and other people’s lives. It is impossible to deny the synchronicity that exists between the artwork’s patterns and the messages it conveys.

I realized that I had moved through the seventh and final layer of my own veils into myself, which brought me to the point where I felt the most profound sense of healing of any point in my life.

I developed a strong desire to teach others about this methodology. Art is the medium through which the cards communicate with you. Their vitality moves to the beat of its own drum. I am the oracle who facilitates the passage of their voice through me so that I may communicate it to you.

In relation to everything having to do with psi, I believe that exercising discernment is essential. Because of this, I am the type of person who always takes what rings true and leaves the rest behind. My role as the oracle for the 7th Veil Mind Mapping cards precludes me from offering either an opinion or a judgment. I merely pass on whatever the cards tell me to pass.

As you can see below, I offer two distinct kinds of readings. Either reading has a high probability of being helpful and of delivering nuggets of information that can be confirmatory, synchronistic, and thought provoking.


At the beginning of each reading, one card is chosen to represent the brain node. It is the card that represents the state of your mind and the way you are currently thinking at this moment. I will on occasion be given access to more personal information. That is something that should become clear to you as you watch your reading. One brain node card and three mapping cards make up what is known as a three-card mapping. One brain node card and seven mapping cards make up what is known as a seven card mapping.

Receiving Your Reading

You will receive your reading by video. You will be sent a private link to Vimeo where your can download your reading. Three card readings can be up to ten minutes. Seven card readings can be up to thirty minutes long. You will receive an email with the link to your reading within four business days after purchase.

Disclaimer: Readings from 7th Veil Mind Mapping should never be used in place of the qualified support offered by medical professionals and other health care providers, legal and financial advisors, or one’s own common sense and free will. Both 7th Veil Mind Mapping and Vennie Kocsis disclaim all liability for the outcomes of any decisions you make as a direct result of the information provided in your card reading. There will be no reimbursements. Please shop in a responsible manner.

Book a Reading

Please provide only your first name. Do not reveal any details of your life or personal circumstances. It is important for me to read without any influence. We will cancel and refund any orders that include any of your personal information other than your email address and first name. Thank you.

Three Card Reading

One brain node card and three mapping cards.


Seven Card Reading

One brain node card and seven mapping cards.


It is an honor for me to travel through this process of seeing yourself and life through the lens of art that was conceived during a period of intensive personal growth. I hope that you find ways to love and accept yourself, that you heal, and that you can move forward in peace.

Love, Vennie Kocsis