Vennie is a wonderful, heartfelt, compassionate, and inspiring spiritualist. This was my first oracle reading, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I felt at ease, though, and it was a good experience for my awakening to spirituality. I felt very creative after our session, and that was what I took out of it. This is a woman you could trust your life with, so you can feel comfortable expressing yourself, opening up your channel, and having fun. I bought a cosmic piece of art from Vennie titled, “They Come From the Stars,” and love having the energy in my space.

Natalie G.

My reading was a gift from a dear friend, and it was an affirming reading for me. Even though I have a strong eastern spiritual practice of healing and yoga, this was my first time receiving a reading. Everything Vennie unlocked resonated and was right on point with where I am in life. My friend purchased one of her gorgeous art pieces as a gift to go with my reading, which she let me pick out. Each time I look at my beautiful cosmic butterflies, full of purple colors, I think of my session. Vennie is a talented artist, and I appreciate her dedication to helping abused children and trying to make a difference by wanting and trying to make the earth a better place.

Rosa K.

I’ve had many tarot readings over the years, and this is nothing like that. Vennie connected with me in a different way, without pretense or assumption. I’ve had two readings with Vennie. The first was online. I still go back and review what she said to me, and the cards that were pulled. I was at an interesting time in my life where I needed more understanding. I gained a lot of feedback that really allowed me to expand my mind. I was then able to book an in person reading with her at a function in our city. Her energy is amazing. She is fun, comfortable, and exudes a peaceful acceptance. I immediately felt at ease. This reading was really special for me because of the face-to-face energy exchange. She really understands the interpretation of art and how it applies to emotions, spiritual practice, and mental health. I’ve now had several readings with Vennie and will continue to utilize her for self understanding.

Gala H.

I have known Vennie for several years and was elated when she told me she had created a card deck. Of course, I wanted a reading. This is not to tell you your future or anything like that. It’s much more along the lines of a therapy session utilizing art. She understands how to touch the parts of people that they don’t understand about themselves. This is a special ability she has, an insight, I’d say. I’d encourage anyone who is looking for mind and spirit expansion to book a reading. It’s well worth it.

David K.

Vennie is a good friend. I had the privilege of being part of the focus group she used when she originally designed her cards. It opened my mind to the mapping process, and I found the patterns in the readings accurate and interesting.

Then I decided to order a personal, detailed reading for myself. In my 7th Veil video, Vennie has the deck spread out. Then, she methodically pulls each card, shows it to the camera, and begins her audio interpretation.

Her insights accurately reveal the vitality around plausible situations occurring in my present and future. She correctly details my strengths and areas needing improvement.

For example, she identifies certain fears, self image issues, and other areas needing my attention. Plus, she touches on potential outcomes effecting my current situation at the time of the reading.

My reading ended with Vennie encouraging me and giving me some personal advisements. I also gleaned my own expanded thoughts inspired by the reading. It even led me to expand my personal business.

It’s different than anything I’ve had as far as card readings go, and I hope one day she releases this deck for sale in the public domain.

Lisa M